Training Schedules

April - May 2016 Schedule

Our next trainings are scheduled for April 11-May 10  2016 in Freetown, Sierra Leone. See schedule below:

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Guiding and Measuring Outcomes – what Methods to Use: MONITORING AND EVALUATION

Facilitation: Dr. Nancy Peddle, Tsike-Sossah Simon

April 11-13 2016 Le 1 Million 20 7th April 2016

Proposal Writing and Resource Mobilisation (Foundation)

Facilitation: Anatu Ben-Lawal, Tsike-Sossah Simon

April 14 – 15 2016  Le 1 Million 15 10th April 2016

Collecting, Managing, Interpreting and Using Data: BASIC RESEARCH METHODS FOR BEGINNERS

Facilitation: Tsike-Sossah Simon

April 19 - 20 2016 Le 900,000 20 10th April 2016

How to Effectively Communicate Project Success using Social Media Tools: Whatsapp, SoundCloud, Pictures,Videos, LinkedIn, etc

Facilitation: Tsike-Sossah Simon

April 22 – 23 2016 Le 700,000 20 10th April 2016

Proposal Writing and Resource Mobilisation in the African Context  (Advanced)

Facilitation: Anatu Ben-Lawal, Tsike-Sossah Simon

April 28-30 2016  Le 1.5 Million 20 20th April 2016

Effective Time and Task Management

Facilitation Tsike-Sossah Simon

April 29 2016 Le 500,000 20 20th April 2016

Conflict Resolution and Negotiation for Non Experts (Foundation)

Facilitation: Tsike-Sossah Simon

May 9-10 2016 Le 800,000 20 20th April 2016

Speaking for and through people: Fundamentals of Lobbying and Advocacy (Beginners)

Facilitation: Anatu Ben-Lawal, Tsike-Sossah Simon

May 2-3 2016 Le 700,000 20 20th April 2016

Gender and Human Rights for Non-Human Rights Actors (Foundation)

Facilitation: Anatu Ben-Lawal

May 5-6 2016 Le 700,000 30 20th April 2016

Project Management in the African Context (Foundation)

Facilitation: Anatu Ben-Lawal, Tsike-Sossah Simon

May  9-10 2016 Le1Million 15 20th April 2016

You can download the detailed schedule here.

All fees inclusive of 2 cacao breaks, lunch and resource materials with 8GB USB (Pen/Flash Drive). See our email friendly brochure here and share within your networks. If you would like to sign up for a training or if you would like more information, please contact:, where we will answer all your questions.

If you are looking to organisation focused, bespooke training, we are able to do so for your organisation.

Facilitators information to be posted soon.