Training Programmes

Find here a short overview of some of our available Trainings. We are currently building a network of facilitators in Sierra Leone (and across the region) and are expanding our courses. The areas of expertise of our facilitators are much broader and cover a wider range of topics than the standardised trainings we offer to individuals, so if your area of interest is not listed here, you might want to look into a personalised training with us.  For more detailed information, on standardised trainings, download our Training brochure containing information on all courses here and for more information on facilitators, please go to our Facilitator’s page.

Leading and Managing Advocacy

2-3 Days

Everyday organisations talk about doing "advocacy" or leading "advocacy". But what is it that they actually do? Many do more of "Information, Eduction and Communication - IEC"; printing banners, stickers rather than do the real work of...

Project Management (Introductory)

3/5 Days

ACIPP Consulting uses a tool called PM² developed by Africa Executive and leased to ACIPP Consulting. The tool draws on the PMBOK and PRINCE models, but is adapted to the African context specifically.

Report Writing

1-2 Days

We stress the importance of the purpose of the report and its likely readers, and how this will affect the type of report that is written.

Social Media for Development

2 Days

This is a new course ACIPP Consulting has developed for organisations and employees alike to effectively use social media for and in their work.

Proposal Writing

2 Days

The proposal writing course is based on the TOF-M approach to facilitate this training.

Monitoring & Evaluation

2 Days

ACIPP-Consulting uses a Power Point presentation developed by Simon Tsike-Sossah to facilitate this training.

Microsoft Office Suite made simple

1-2 Days

Microsoft Office is a powerful tool for offices, and every new edition adds a lot of new features designed to make work quicker and more efficient.

Stakeholder Management

1-2 Days

Corporations and Organisations not only have to consider the needs of their direct owners but also those of their employees, and the wider public.

Effective Staff Supervision / Performance Manag...

1-2 Days

This course will provide participants with the tools needed to efficiently lead a team in an office environment and will provide an introduction into effective communication with staff.

Office Management

1 Day

The course Office Management will help the participant to structure their office and run it smoothly without losing their oversight and deadlines.