Wharton School of Business and ACIPP Consulting partner to Conduct Market Analysis

ACIPP Sierra Leone is proud to announce the successful completion of the Penn International Business Volunteers (PiBV) consultation with our organization.

ACIPP Sierra Leone hosted a team of 4 business PiBV researchers as they conducted thorough interviews with officials and workers through the government, private, and nonprofit sectors of Freetown. The PiBV researchers analyzed the data resulting from the interviews, and compiled an expertly written report targeted at how ACIPP Sierra Leone can continue to maximize it's potential to meet the needs of these sectors through our mission of training and consulting with organizations to improve their jobs.

The good news? Their research showed an overwhelmingly positive outlook for ACIPP to have a strong, sustained impact in Sierra Leone.

We look forward to reporting back as we implement the recommendations from the report, and please visit our Facebook at www.facebook.com/acippw.africa to see pictures.