ACIPP Trains Christian Aid Sierra Leone Staff

From April 14th to 17th, twenty-five staff members and partners of Christian Aid Sierra Leone (CA-SL) participated in a series of trainings facilitated by ACIPP Consulting, the training, facilitation, and consulting unit of ACIPP West Africa.

The comprehensive training sessions included our classes: Report Writing, Stress Management, and Proposal Writing. People responded overwhelmingly positive reviews, both during the sessions and in our anonymous trainee survey. Participants gained new skills and proven methods for improving the results of their job. We look forward to continue to hear back from the participants about the victories, both small and large.

Mr. Joseph Ansumana of the Network Movement for Justice Development states, “I found the training very enriching and timely. What fascinated me most were the presentations on stress and work and project design hierarchy and planning network.”

Ms. Ann Kargbo, of RADA-SL, states “The training was awesome! It was very informative and educative. Knowledge gained would help me do my work better and new learning has been integrated in our overall programs. Well done!!!”

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